State testing began this week and will continue through the end of May.

We are asking for your help in order to support your child’s success on these state tests.  Please make sure your son or daughter is in school during the days his or her class is scheduled for testing.  Also, make sure your child gets plenty of sleep the night before and breakfast the days of testing.

For some students, SBAC testing can be a stressful time.  These tests are important because they allow students to demonstrate where they are at in terms of meeting state standards and how they have grown academically throughout the year.  If your son or daughter is feeling anxious during SBAC, encourage them to try their best!

If at all possible, please try not to schedule appointments during these times. You can check ParentVUE for your student’s schedule to see when they have the tested classes during the day. We cannot interrupt classes during testing, so please plan accordingly. The testing schedule is listed below


April 24 – 27 – 8th Grade Science

May 1 – 10 – Language Arts

May 11 – 19 – Math