Staff Directory

The Staff Directory for the 2013-14 school year will be updated in in late August, before the start of the new school year. If you have any questions before then, please contact the office.

Last Namesort icon First Name E-Mail Address Subject/Title Website
Anderson Lucas Music
Arndt Robert Math
Ash Sean Instructional Assistant
Banducci Amber Health
Bartlemay Lynn ELL/ELD
Barton Darla Foods
Beardsley Linda Math
Best David Special Education Services
Beyer Andrew Instructional Assistant
Bielenberg Lori Math
Biondi Matt Principal
Bissell Kimberlee Instructional Assistant
Bliss-Mendez Christine Instructional Assistant
Booth Robert Instructional Assistant
Bradley Jason Social Studies/Geography
Chinburg Jon Language Arts
Corwin JoAnna Campus Monitor
Cunningham Emily Science Website
Danielian Robert Counselor
Everitt Josh Instructional Assistant
Fiedler Aaron Science Website
Fields Mary Health Assistant
Flores Noemi Registrar
Forrester Tami Instructional Assistant
Freece Robbie Language Arts
Gerstner Shan Instructional Assistant
Gilman Theresa Instructional Assistant
Groninger Melissa Instructional Coach
Gundlach Jason English
Harvey Susan Special Education Services
Hendrickson Marjory Instructional Assistant
Hentze Stephanie Math Website
Herrera Shawna ERC
Hodges Dave Music
Hurst Janelle Special Education Services
Hutchison Danyelle Instructional Assistant
Jones Shawn Attendance
Kanner Mona Teacher
Kendrick Natasha Language Arts Website
Kersten Catherine Math
Knapke Diane Custodial Staff
Leaton Aimee English
Lewis Cheryl Math
Lewis Christy Library Media
Lindquist Loren Social Studies/Ell/ELD
Lopez Benjamin Instructional Assistant
Lowen Tina Teacher
Maciel-Mendez Teresa Instructional Assistant
Madland Jennifer Assistant Principal
Malcolm Charity Language Arts Website
Mayor Karla Math
Millard Greg Instructional Assistant
Moran John Behavior Specialist
Nguyen Stephanie Social Studies/Leadership
Nielsen Kelli Office Manager
Pajak Carol Instructional Assistant
Pheil Ashley Math and Social Studies
Pileggi Patrick Physical Education
Potts Theresa Instructional Assistant
Radke Jordan Language Arts
Robbins Erika Science Website
Salas Leticia Office Staff
Schafer Arielle Language Arts Intensive Website
Scott Dorothy Instructional Assistant
Sherwood Tracey Counselor
Stockenberg Robert Health
Stratman Paul English/Social Studies
Sulesky Virginia Instructional Assistant
Swee Candice Physical Education
Tebon Danielle English Website
Teta Jeanette ELL/ELD
Travis Paula Counselor
Turner Dena Science
Vande Griend Carla Special Education Services Website
Vasquez Mari Language Arts
Vladoiu Eileen Social Studies
Vo Mai Bookkeeper
Waldroff Brady Science Website
Watts Kiana Instructional Assistant
White Marta Math
Williams Sean Music Stephens Middle School Orchestra
Wilson Lanny Math
Wood Susan Language Arts