McKay High School CTE Showcase Hosts Stephens Middle 8th Graders

More than 330 eight graders from Stephens Middle School recently took a field trip to McKay High School to learn about Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs they can join as freshmen next fall.

“We’ve been really happy with the showcase process and we’re getting students in the right programs,” said McKay Assistant Principal David Wood.

McKay CTE programs include: Agriculture, Automotive Technology, Business and Marketing, Computer Programming and Engineering, Construction Technology, Culinary Arts and Nursing.


McKay High School CTE Showcase Feb 2019

Teacher Gerald Hosler talks with Stephens Middle School students about the Agriculture program at McKay High School during the Royal Scots’ CTE Showcase on Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2019. Mr. Hosler is also the faculty advisor for the Salem-Keizer Chapter of the Future Farmers of America.


McKay High School CTE Showcase Feb 2019

One of Automotive Technology teacher Noel Thiel’s students shares with Stephens Middle School eighth graders information about opportunities in the CTE program.


McKay High School CTE Showcase Feb 2019

Students in the Business and Marketing program learn how to handle money at the Maps Credit Union branch at McKay. Teacher Carl Garner talks with Stephens students about opportunities they can explore.


McKay High School CTE Showcase Feb 2019

Students in the Business and Marketing program learn how to run a business in the Scot Shop, where McKay students can buy snacks. Teacher Roy Adams talks with Stephens students about things they can learn.


McKay High School CTE Showcase Feb 2019

Computer Programming and Engineering teacher Katrina Hull shares her enthusiasm for STEM with Stephens students at the McKay CTE Showcase. Mrs. Hull was recognized for educational excellence with a 2018 Crystal Apple Award by the Salem-Keizer Education Foundation.


McKay High School CTE Showcase Feb 2019

McKay students in teacher Michelle Zielinski’s Construction Technology program show Stephen’s students how to safely operate equipment during the McKay CTE Showcase.


McKay High School CTE Showcase Feb 2019

McKay Culinary Arts teacher Chris Feskens showed Stephens students the outdoor cafe area adjacent to his classroom during McKay’s CTE Showcase. Teacher Amy Holcomb also works with students in the Royal Scots’ Culinary Arts program.


McKay High School CTE Showcase Feb 2019

Nursing teacher Carol Martinez works with Stephens students at the McKay CTE Showcase for eighth graders. Teacher Amanda Rivera also instructs students in this program.

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Salem-Keizer Board of Directors Votes to Approve Boundary Adjustments

The Salem-Keizer Board of Directors voted 5-2 last night to approve the boundary adjustment proposal brought forward by the Boundary Review Task Force. Directors Blasi and Lippold opposed. The boundary adjustments will go into effect for the 2019-20 school year and only apply to incoming kindergarten through third-graders, sixth-graders and ninth-graders. Students entering grades four, five, seven, eight, 10, 11 and 12 will not be impacted by the boundary adjustments. Transportation will be provided both for students in the new boundaries and those who are not impacted by the boundary adjustments and will be continuing in their existing schools. Students enrolled in special programs will continue in those special programs.

Families impacted by the boundary adjustments will receive personalized letters in their preferred language in the coming days detailing the transition. Maps are available at schools to review the 36 areas of Salem and Keizer impacted by the adjustments.

The Boundary Review Task Force is a 45-member volunteer committee comprised of representatives from the special education community, PCUN, Mano a Mano, Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality, Salem-Keizer NAACP and all geographic regions.

Thanks to the community’s passage of a bond in May, SKPS will invest $619.7 million in Salem and Keizer in the form of school expansions, renovations and improvements over the next five to six years. Boundary adjustments will shift students away from crowded conditions and into these new, improved learning environments.

To view the boundary adjustments website, click here.

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Stephens Middle Student Designs New Patch for Marion County Sheriff’s Office Deputies

Eighth grader Jesus Adrian Valdez Ceja from Stephens Middle School designed the new Marion County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) patch.

Deputies in the MCSO East County Service District will wear the new patch on their uniforms, said Sheriff Jason Myers at a special school assembly recognizing Jesus last Friday.

Marion County Sheriff's Office New Patch Art Contest

Stephens Middle Advanced Art teacher Gladys Jacobsen with Marion County Sheriff’s Office patch contest design winner Jesus Adrian Valdez Ceja.

The design was one of 23 created in teacher Gladys Jacobsen’s Advanced Art class. Students were asked to make a patch design based on the question, “What do you love about your neighborhood?” All the contest entries have been showcased as decals on two MCSO vehicles since November.

“Jesus is not only a very creative and skilled artist, but a hardworking student as well,” Mrs. Jacobsen said. “He comes in after school to work on his projects and is very dedicated to his craft. I am so proud that he has been recognized for his hard work and talent.”

Marion County Sheriff's Office New Patch Art Contest

Marion County Sheriff’s Office patch contest design winner Jesus Adrian Valdez Ceja.

Jesus said he was surprised to win the contest with his artwork featuring evergreen trees, a bright red apple reflecting the area’s orchards, and a compass in the middle. Jesus said along with art, he likes cooking, and hopes to take Career and Technical Education culinary classes in high school next fall.

Marion County Sheriff's Office New Patch Art Contest

Pictured from left: Marion County Sheriff Commander Joe Kast, patch design winner Jesus Adrian Valdez Ceja, Sheriff Jason Myers and Undersheriff Troy Clausen.

Sheriff Myers said there has recently been an addition of 10 new deputies dedicated to the MCSO East Salem Service District, and they will all be wearing the newly designed patch on their uniforms.

“These are exciting times,” Sheriff Myers said. “We have the opportunity to develop some great relationships with the Hayesville and Four Corners communities.”

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Every Day 24J

Missing a day or two of school may not seem like a big deal, but that time matters. If a student misses just two days of school a month, by the end of the year, that adds up to an entire month of lost instruction.

At Salem-Keizer Public Schools, we want all of our students to graduate prepared for successful lives. Students who regularly attend school are more likely to graduate, setting the stage for success in college and higher rates of employability.

Be there all day, every day in District 24J.

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Diariamente, todos los días en el Distrito 24J

El perder un día o dos de clases podría parecer irrelevante, pero ese tiempo es muy importante. Si un estudiante pierde solo dos días de clases al mes, al final del año escolar, esto representa un mes entero de clases perdidas.

En las Escuelas Públicas de Salem-Keizer, queremos que todos los estudiantes se gradúen preparados para una vida exitosa. Los estudiantes que asisten regularmente a la escuela, tienen 172 porciento mayor probabilidad de graduarse, estableciendo así las bases para el éxito en la universidad y mayores índices de empleabilidad.

Asistir a la escuela diariamente, todos los días en el Distrito 24J.

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Stephens Middle School Students Win Statewide and National Awards for Civics Project

Thirty students in teacher Audrey Von Maluski’s Project Citizen elective class at Stephens Middle School recently won top honors in the state, and in the nation, for a comprehensive civics project they worked on last spring.

The students’ award-winning project is called “Is this America? Safer Schools to End Gun Violence.”

The 7th and 8th graders conducted original research, selected their own topic and determined recommendations to make schools safer. The students led interviews with multiple experts in the fields of education, security, mental health and law enforcement.

Stephens Middle School Students Oregon Project Citizen Champions

Stephens Middle School students celebrate after winning 1st Place in Oregon for their Project Citizen presentation (Photo: Mary Fields).

At the state competition, Stephens’ students gave presentations in front of an expert panel, which included an extended question-and-answer period that was totally unscripted. Their presentation panels, which are informative posters, were also evaluated along with a binder that documented all the research and ideas they developed.

After winning the state competition, the students’ work was selected to represent Oregon at the national Project Citizen Showcase. Only first place winners competed in the national showcase last month.

Although they were not able to attend the national competition in California in person, students submitted their presentation panels and portfolio binder for judging. Stephens was one of four schools from across the nation ranked as Superior, the top award.

Winning at the state and national levels is exciting, but teacher Audrey Von Maluski says the true value of Project Citizen elective classes is in empowering students by promoting active participation in discussion and the practice of democratic and civic values.

Congratulations to Stephen’s students on your successful project, and for being recognized at both the state and national level for the quality or your work!

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