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Mental Wellness & Crisis Resources


Safe & Welcoming Schools

Every student should feel safe, welcome, and fully included in their school community.


A graphic of a student with lots of thoughts

Mental Health

Find resources to help you or someone you know find hope, get through this moment, build resiliency for later, connect to others, and learn how to support others. 

Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Two upset students

Healthy Student Relationships

Have you or a friend experienced an unsafe relationship, harassment, or assault? We want to help you get the support you need.

Healthy Student Relationship Resources

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Preventing Abuse, Harassment & Bullying

Families and district staff can work together to keep students safe from bullying, child abuse, and sexual harassment.

Setting Safe Boundaries & Interactions

School Safety Systems graphic

Safety Systems

Learn the strategies we use to prevent, mitigate, and respond to safety concerns and keep students, staff, and visitors safe.

District Safety Systems

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Healthy & Safe Schools

Working to maintain safe facilities by testing for radon, and lead in paint or drinking water. Includes our annual Healthy and Safe Schools plans.

Healthy & Safe Schools & Buildings

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If you see or hear about bullying, violence, drugs, or harm to your school or to a student, report a tip: