Come and catch up on your school work. Bring your binder, and school supplies.

You can walk, ride your bike or have your parents drop you off at school.

If you ride the school bus these are the stops and times:

  • 8:09 am/12:36 pm         FISHER RD NE@ELLSWORTH APTS
  • 8:11 am/12:39 pm          FISHER RD NE @ WHITE OAK CT NE
  • 8:13 am/12:34 pm          LANCASTER DR NE (BPO@GOODWILL)
  • 8:17 am/12:43 pm          HERRIN RD NE @ 48TH AV NE
  • 8:19 am/12:45 pm          SILVERTON RD NE BPO W OF 45TH AVE NE
  • 8:23 am/12:32 pm          SATTER DR NE @ CAMPUS LP NE
  • 8:24 am/12:31 pm          WARD DR NE @ GLADYS ST NE
  • 8:29 am/12:26pm           HAPPY DR NE @ GERANIUM AV NE


Come to the doors by the Commons when you get here.

8:45 A.M. Breakfast

9-12 P.M. class in the library

12-12:15 P.M. Lunch

12:15 P.M. time to go home


  • If you don’t attend on Saturday, then the following week students will attend Lunch/Work sessions on M, W, F, during their lunchtime in room 123. If you miss you will make this time up. This way you can make up your work and raise your grades. You are to go room 123 and not to the Commons to stand in line for a hot lunch. You will be provided with a sack lunch.


Cancellation Due to Inclement Weather:


We will follow the district guidelines. A dialer will go out to parents.